Music, art and human values: The educational concept "Made in Germany" for Cairo

The pedagogical basis for the work in our kindergartens and primary schools in Germany, Europe and the Rahn Schulen Cairo is the musical-artistic education concept. This proven concept "Made in Germany", we continue in our secondary schools. A further guarantee of our success: In the Rahn Schulen Cairo all the subjects are taught under German Curriculum of Brandenburg. We have a more than 20 years of experience in the field of management and education in Egypt, and the quality of our work is certified!

Our direct connection to the educational and cultural city of Leipzig, the partnership with the school in Neuzelle and cooperation with the Goethe-Institut are just three examples of the close ties that we have established between Egypt and Germany. As a top aim from 2017 we are going to provide an international high school certificate for our students in German language. We are pleased that music school department has been opened in Cairo.

What distinguishes the Rahn Schools Cairo?

  • We are a German school abroad, which is supported 100% by a German non-profit education company.
  • We want to be independent of external influences and therefore are financed exclusively by tuition fees, donations and grants from the European Foundation for Education and Culture.
  • The quality of Rahn Schulen Cairo is regularly checked by an independent German certification agency, which bears the certificate of the German Accreditation Council.
  • We do not engage in political activities, put emphasis on intercultural communication and are open to all religions.
  • We are convinced that music and art encourages children's creativity in the classroom.

Al Ritahj Rahn schools Kairo

A vertical take-off in Egypt's capital

The Rahn Education has been working in the field of education in Egypt for many years and has earned a good reputation. In early 2014 it occurred that many parents asked us to open a new school in Cairo from the school year 2014/15. It should be supposed to teach under German curriculum and the pupils should take in account the values of ​​a German school. The wish has been followed. But a new school stomps not in a few months out of the ground. We had many supporters. Our special thanks to the Al Ritahj International School under which name we could open a German school.

Although the time was against us in the foundation, we were able to create all the important requirements for a school starting from 01/09/2014. In May 2014, we established our school building with four floors with an area of ​​approximately 2,200 square meters. With the beginning of the school year 2016/2017 a second school building is supposed to be opened. Both buildings accommodate grades 1 to 12 and a nursery (including preschool) at the same location in the future.

The German Arab Consulting for Education Ltd, which was founded many years ago, is leading according to Egyptian society right and is a part of Rahn Education.